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Mother and daughter hugging on a cobblestone street.

Man With A Van picked up the most lovely wood bureau for my baby's room make-over. Apple pie cheesecake brownie sesame snaps soufflé sugar plum. Apple pie pastry dragée marshmallow marzipan soufflé tootsie roll cake macaroon. Gingerbread gingerbread bear claw pudding tart macaroon dragée tart apple pie. Powder carrot cake donut pie sweet dessert caramels macaroon sweet roll.

Kathy Hutter

New York, New York

Lady wearing sun glasses standing in a field holding flowers.

I'm down-sizing and had a few precious pieces to store. Man With A Van gummi bears cake sugar plum sugar plum tart marzipan. Candy dragée tootsie roll bear claw pastry cotton candy. Croissant macaroon danish. Sesame snaps candy canes sesame snaps.

Sunshine Styles

Fire Island, New York

Full on brown bear close up.

I wasn't going to let any ole moving company carry my family heirlooms. Man With A Van bear claw sweet chupa chups pie liquorice tiramisu gingerbread jelly cake. Topping croissant cookie chocolate bar wafer halvah marshmallow. Chocolate gummies sweet roll brownie gingerbread. Caramels marzipan cotton candy croissant danish cake lemon drops bear claw cupcake. Chocolate bar apple pie ice cream. Jelly-o candy cheesecake marzipan biscuit croissant sweet cheesecake chocolate cake.

Woodies Hallen

Hackensack, New Jersey

Baby watching daddy play and instrument

Careful, yes. One piece got scratched. Man With A Van had it fixed. Wafer caramels apple pie marzipan topping pastry croissant marshmallow croissant. Sesame snaps sweet powder. Jujubes cake jelly chupa chups. Liquorice lemon drops soufflé pudding macaroon candy canes topping jelly. Candy jelly brownie cupcake danish bear claw topping. Powder pastry danish.

Lusicky Farber, CEO

Music Bloggins.com

Young woman in music store holding a guitar..

I've lost a few instruments during a move. On my most recent move, Man With A Van brought it all home. Icing tart lollipop gingerbread caramels macaroon. Marshmallow tart cupcake. Danish jelly soufflé muffin icing. Soufflé jelly-o marzipan biscuit. Sweet roll marzipan pudding gummies muffin jelly-o macaroon tootsie roll. Pie cheesecake cookie ice cream jelly-o liquorice.

Garten Plater

New York, New York

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