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Welcome to the Allen’s Pie Online store

Homemade Mini, Deep Dish, Apple and blueberry pies delivered from me to you.

Deliveries in New York City, Westchester, Yonkers and Western Long Island. Other delivery options available in New York State, please inquire through contact form.


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my mission

I don’t make pie for other people. I make pie for myself and share with other people.


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These pies made me like apple pie. Period. Wasn’t the biggest fan before but on first bite, my mind has changed about pies!
— Nicole R. Brown
I’ve been eating Allen’s pie faithfully for the last three years and there are few words that can wholly describe the nature of these pies. If I had to come close, I would venture to say that Allen’s pies are a mood, a masterpiece, and a must for any time and kind of day. I’ve had them for breakfast (of champions 💪🏽), lunch, and dinner, warm out the oven, and cold from my fridge, and I keep on coming back. My favorite is apple, but my partner really likes the blueberry. My only advice - don’t make the mistake of getting just one, ESPECIALLY if you’re having folks around - it will get took and friendships may be questioned! (speaking from experience)
— Dayo Marsh
I’ve had these pies a couple times and they were absolutely delicious. Perfect buttery crust, perfect crust to filling ratio, perfect everything!! Allen really knows his stuff and left it all in the pie!! Thank you for such an amazing treat!
— Touré Jones
I have tried the apple and the cherry pie. They are both great! But BABY, that blueberry pie is everything! A warm, flaky, buttery crust with slightly sweet and tart blueberries! It is excellent! Round it off with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and trust me when I say your dessert prayers will have been answered.
— Verna Diggs
Allen’s apple pie is one of the best I’ve ever tasted! Its rich and just sweet enough to satisfy your craving. It’s also the perfect size!
— Dian S.
The apple pies are fantastic, I absolutely love the crust, and the apples are cooked to perfection! I like to have mine served with vanilla ice cream, yum....
— Fatima Glover