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A Ticketing Web App — Designed by Adrienne Warden

Ticketing App Gig Detail Page

Project Overview

The Product

A ticketing selling website app for a rap group. The app functions as a subdomain of the groups website.


November 2021 - December 2021

The Problem

Group wants to sell tickets directly to fans, not through a ticket seller.

They want more control over branding, a user experience that is friendly, streamlined and intuitive.

The Goal

The goal of the project was to create a streamlined, easy to use, accessible ticket web app.

High Fidelity Prototype
View Hi-Fi Prototype

My Role

This project is a course assignment. I am the sole designer of this project.


I was responsible for research, design, wireframes, mockups, usability testing, prototypes and the hand-off to production.

Understanding the User

Research Summary

I used ticket seller user reviews to complie user interviews, interviewed a musician and talked to some music fans regarding their ticket buying experience via ticket sellers.

I had no assumptions prior to conducting the research. Was surprised to find that users loathed the refund process, thought the apps mobile version was horrible and that the app froze often during the checkout process.

Pain Points


Freezing at Checkout

Business apps are loaded with features and complicated to figure out.


Not Responsive

TMobile version of apps where hard to navigate and pertinent elements did not resize well.


Log-in Hiccup

Users often have to to log in more than once during a session.


Refund Trickery

Users have to endure a complicated process when requesting refunds.


Persona Image
Age: 28
Education: BA in Info Systems
Location: Yonkers, NY
Family: Live in Girlfriend
Occupation: It Technician

Leo is a, IT Tech and fan of the group who needs to sold out notifications on his mobile device because all labeling is not visible on mobile devices.

Journey Map

The user journey helped me to realize how working across project teams is essential. To address the log-in issue we need to meet with development right up front to evaluate if the issue is back-end based and how/if it might be address in the design process.

Journey Map

The Design

Paper Wireframes

Paper Wireframes
The goal was to design a streamlined page that was visually appealing on all devices, inituitive and accessible. We wanted to create a foundation that would be easy to scale.

Digital Wireframes

Low Fidelity Prototype
The page was designed to be simple, responsive and easily navigated with flexible search options.

Low Fidelity Prototype

User Flow
The app flow starts with the sign-in page, which opens the dashboard. From the dashboard users can proceed to different app pages depending on the tasks to be performed. Top level pages are included in the navbar.
View Low-Fi Prototype

Usability Study Findings

Users wanted an in-page link to check and an option to add more tickets to the order in the first round. The second-round users pointed out there was no order number on the receipt and would have liked to have a back to cart from the cart success message.

Round 1

  • A link option to confirmation section on checkout page
  • An add button to add items to the current order
  • No input to add number of tickets on gig details page

Round 2

  • Order # missing from checkout page
  • Add a link to cart on “added to cart” success message
  • Liked the quick and easy checkout process

Refining the Design


User Flow
Users wanted a linked that scrolled to purchase information and noticed there was no order # visible.
User Flow
A button link topurchase information section, order # and an add to order button were included the fefined design.

High Fidelity Prototype

High-Fidelity Prototype
Users can enter the flow from the main website or directly (Gigs subdomain) the flow is short and simple. Users click on gig card, enter # of tickets, add gig to cart, proceeds to cart, confirms order and receives order confirmation.
View Hi-Fi Prototype

Accessiblity Considerations


  • All active elements are keyboard accessible.
  • Links are descriptively labeled.


  • Color were contrasted to meet accessibility standards for users with limited visibility.


  • The design includes large buttons to increase usability for users of mobility issues.

Going Forward



The ticketing app is checkout process is simple and concise. Users checkout in 1 ‐ 3 clicks. Building the app with a good foundation also makes it easier to scale as the group grows.

“That took 3 clicks. Very simple very fast.”

Participant B

What I learned:

I learned that practice makes perfect. I was more comfortable conducting usability studies and looked forward to getting user feedback.

I also appreciate the value of prototying designs. Being able to test a design before development is crucial to building a great product.

Next Steps


  • A new high-fidelity prototype where participants are signed in would be our next step.
  • The design would be reiterated based on user feedback.
  • Users who are logged can receive member pricing and advance notices.


  • A usability study of a high-fidelity mobile design, with the user having to log in would be useful.
  • To insure that the app is responsive and renders correctly on small devices.


  • Create a prototype that includes a user dashboard, merch and booking page.
  • To have all the basics of the app in place before hand-off to development.
View Case Study Slide Deck

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Transitioning from a legal secretary to a web/ux designer at first glance seems tricky. However, my legal secretary career included working on a computer 7 - 9 hours a day. I have always been a look under-the-hood type and got to know Microsoft office pretty well. Learning and incorporating VBA and macros into my every day work product. Which made the leap to web design seamless. I'm using the same skills, but a more precise level. It's a good thing.

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