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Project Overview

The Product

Our final assignment was to design a product for social good. The prompt I choose was to design pill reminder app for mobile and responsive web users.


January 2022 - January 2022

The Problem

Users want an uncomplicated app that’s easy to update and has tiered scheduling abilities.

The Goal

To reduce the amount of data users must type and make updating data as simple and fustration free as possible.

High Fidelity Prototype
View Hi-Fi Prototype

My Role

This project is a course assignment. I am the sole designer of this project.


I was responsible for research, design, wireframes, mockups, usability testing, prototypes and the hand-off to production.

Understanding the User

Research Summary

We conducted secondary reseach; customer reviews, industry reviews and doctor reviews.

We were surprised by how many pill reminder apps are already on the market. The free ones are limited in scope but deliver what they advertise for the most part. The free apps tend to stop working more often than paid apps. I was also surprised that pill app users aren't just elderly. They are used across demographics.

Persona 1

Persona Image
Age: 79
Education: B.A.
Location: Clifton, NJ
Family: Husband, 3 children
Occupation: Retired Librarian

Mage needs to set up a tiered reminder cycle for one of her medications. To track each cycle, she entered the medication twice and set up different alerts for each.

Persona 2

Persona Image
Age: 81
Education: Associates Digress
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Family: Widower, 5 children
Occupation: Retired Bus Driver

Rik is a retired bus driver in his early 80s who needs to update his medication alert schedule for specific medications because the dosage and frequency of the prescription has changed.

Competitive Audit

I was interested and seeing which features had promince, the order of layout and comparing features offered (free vs. paid).

Competitive Audit

The Design

Ideating with Crazy 8s

Paper Wireframes
We aren't a fan of our drawing skills. However, it is a great way to generate ideas. I used Crazy 8s to explore how to group data, choose a link/button style and to determine the how best layout for user flow.

Wire Frames

Low Fidelity Prototype
I wanted the layout to be minimal and include only pertinent information.

Low Fidelity Prototype

User Flow
I wanted to know if the layout was intuitive and how users entered the flow. Users started the journey on the home page and were asked to update a prescription not on the event list.
View Low-Fi Prototype

Usability Study Findings

An app that includes inventory tracking is much more appealing. All 5 participants thought the app would be helpful and 4 of the 5 would use it to track their medicine intake.


  • Study Type: Unmoderated
  • Location: New York, Remote
  • Participants: 5 participants
  • Duration: 10 ‐ 15 minutes


  • Inventory: 4 out of 5 users wanted to be able to track inventory.
  • Record Refill Date: 3 out of 5 users wanted to record the last refill date.
  • Notices: 4 out of 5 users wanted a notice regarding storage limitations.

Refining the Design


User Flow
I wanted to enhance the user flow by using color, typography and borders.
User Flow
I wanted to be sure to cut down on users having to type information by adding as many click options and dropdown menus as possible.

High Fidelity Prototype

High-Fidelity Prototype
The flow is the same as our low-fi with labeling, inventory and more clickable elements added in accordance with feedback from testing
View Hi-Fi Prototype

Accessiblity Considerations


Reduce the amount ot typing users perform by including reoccuring data in dropdown lists and/or clickable elements.


Use of accessible color scheme for users who are visually impaired.


Large and well labeled buttons.

Site Map

Site Map
Keeping the app light weight and simple was important. The site map helped me to focus on the core pages. I didn’t want to pad the app with unnecessary pages.

Responsive Design

Response Web App
I wanted the app to resize easily across device sizes. The desktop layout could use a bit more finagling. Making the elements wider didn’t help. Looking at images of the various sizes, I would move the alert and team elements side by side.
View Responsive Hi-Fi

Going Forward



Test participants loved the simple design and simplified user interfacting.

“I love the simple layout. These things are always so busy.”

Participant D

What I learned:

I learned that building a mobile app and a responsive web app are very different animals. If a design is going to be effective it has to be tailored to the platform.

Next Steps


  • The mobile and responsive web versions of the app should be retested using the current hi-fi prototypes.
  • The user questionnaire and journey should be updated to include KPIs for design consistency and a different user journey.


  • The desktop version of the app should be reiterated to better use the space.


  • More research on the overall use of pill reminder apps could identify areas where the market is not meeting users needs.
  • The app needs a unique value position in such a crowded market. Testing and reseach would also be helpful in determining a unique value
View Case Study Slide Deck

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